This isn’t supposed to be my second blog entry.

It should have been a photoblog about my recent trip to see 14 churches of Ilocos. It’s either I’m really too lazy or too busy to blog about it (I have not even started posting the photos on FB!)

Anyway, as the title states, this is about A Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE.

It’s a Thai movie I recently watched. It’s been on my external HD for quite some time and yet it took me a long time to actually watch it (despite good feedback from friends). I’ve been too focused on watching my favorite Korean series lately, and then a free day allowed me to take a break and have my first Thai movie experience.

First thing that struck me at the start of the film?


the first look
the first look

P’Shone is the UBER cute male protagonist in this rom-com hit. I was like, “SHEEESSSSHHH!”when he first appeared on screen (and on the other scenes as well :D).

Then there’s P’Nam, the female lead (I’m not sure what the P’s are about, they appear at the start of everyone’s name).

an ordinary, awkward-looking girl
an ordinary, awkward-looking girl

P’Nam is an ordinary looking girl who does not fit into a Thai highschool”s idea of pretty girls (white-skinned and Chinese-looking). She harbors a long-time crush on our P’Shone (who wouldn’t?). With the help of her friends, she succeeded in improving her looks and academic standing to attract P’Shone.

Nam's transformation
Nams transformation

Then come the twists and turns of the story…conflicts and issues that made it impossible for P’Shone and P’Nam to be together.

Nine years later… end of story (I do not want to spoil it so much for others, in the same way that I wouldn’t want the movie’s ending spoiled for me).

My comments:

1. The start of the movie reminds me a lot of my favorite Playful Kiss. A normal girl stalks her very good-looking crush, but to no avail. Her father is a chef, too! Just like my dear Oh Ha Ni’s appa! (I’m still so addicted to PK, sorry :D)


2. P’Shone is really good-looking and refreshing to the eyes.

3. P’Nam’s transformation is too fast. There was a scene when I did not recognize her easily. Her early looks are not really bad, she just needed to wear contact lenses, wear nice clothes and brighten her complexion. And her complexion really lightened a lot… is that even possible in a short period of time? O well, let’s just skip that unrealistic part.

4. It is a light, cute and romantic movie.

5. The ending was a bit hurried, though. Just like that.

Favorite scenes/parts:

1. Dropping from the tree and giving her green mangoes.


2. Rabbit popping from the box.

Bunny boy

3. Unpoisoned apple scene.

“To Snow White. The apple is not poisoned. I tried it.”

4. Uprooted white rose plant for V-day.

“My friend asked me to give it to you”

5. Sitting at the hanging bridge.

The Story of the Squid

6. The unexpected melted chocolate kept in the fridge

Mickey mouse! Haha

7. P’Nam and friends

Friends are friends.
Friends are friends.

8. The confession scene by the pool

Sort of reminded me Maja's break-up scene with JL in One More Chance
Sort of reminded me Majas break-up scene with JL in One More Chance
A tearful hug to P'Pin
A tearful hug to PPin

9. P’Shone’s diary and reminiscing scene

P'Shone's memories of P'Nam
PShones memories of PNam

10. Reconnection.

"I have been waiting for someone to return from the US."
“I have been waiting for someone to come back from the US.”

Actually, there are a lot other cute/funny scenes:

*Nam dancing happily as Shone knows her name

*Nam walking sideways to cover Shone’s number under her shoe

*Nam calling Shone on the phone then running away to shriek in delight

*Nam passing by Shone’s classroom to steal a glance and seeing Shone being punished

All in all, I really liked the movie. I place it in high ranks along with The Classic, My Sassy Girl and A Moment to Remember. 🙂